"The contribution from estates is considerable, varied, and has been recognised and applauded by successive governments."


It is the combination of assets, held in both land and in other property combined with dedicated and effective management, that enables these estates to function as successful commercial and innovative businesses, whilst being sensitive to the interests of their local communities. Crucially they base decisions on the long term view as their owning families intend still to be about long after public bodies have, on many occasions, changed their name and nature.

EBG member estates contribute significantly to local economies, are major employers and collectively make a considerable contribution to HMRC's annual revenue.

The Group's member estates play an essential and increasingly important role in urban, fine art and landscape conservation. They are also major contributors to government's social policies, in particular as providers of social housing and by undertaking regeneration and conservation projects. The Group's members take a particular interest in sustainable development.

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